James McQuarrie is a UK based Product Management Consultant who helps teams design, build and deliver digital products and services that delight their users.


I Co-Founded with my friend, and now business partner, Paul Ardeleanu to change the way Freelance Contractors and Consultants share their availability with recruiters

Having been a freelancer myself since 2010, I’d experienced first hand how broken the world of freelance and contract recruitment could be. I’d get tens of emails and phone calls a week from recruiters, both in house and at recruitment agencies, asking when I’d next be available for work.

Nine times out of ten I’d be in the middle of a contract or would have just signed up for a new one. Then when I wasn’t busy, or was coming the end of a contract, I’d have to spend hours emailing and calling all those who I’d said “sorry, I’m busy” to to see if they still had anything I could help with.

NEXTFREE is designed to stop that waste of time for everyone. Freelancers sign up (for free) to create a very light profile and publish their “next free” date on it. They can share their profile with whomever they like, and anyone who sees it can keep up to date with their availability. Recruiters can sign up to NEXTFREE (for a small monthly fee, or a one-time-use 24 hour pass) and search for freelancers with specific skills, in specific locations and with specific availability. Win. Win.

NEXTFREE is currently a two man effort, with Paul and I testing the idea as a Beta with a limited number of invited freelancers and recruiters helping us . If you’d like to give it a go, head over to the website and sign up (it takes about 30 seconds).