Aspect are one of London’s biggest property maintenance companies. Helping both residential and commercial property owners with a wide range of trades such as: plumbing, heating, electrics, roofing, glazing, drainage, and many more.

I was hired by the management team to help them review the end to end experience they delivered to their customers from initial booking, through to completion of work at customer’s properties.

The review involved:

  • mapping out their existing customer journeys
  • understanding the roles various internal teams play through the process and how customer and booking information flows between them as part of the service
  • identifying where improvements could be made to the experience of their customers
  • identifying where internal efficiencies could be made to help the team deliver better experiences.

Over the course of 8 months or so I delivered:

  • process maps and documentation of their end to end customer experience
  • Information Architectures and wireframes for a more customer centric website, and booking process
  • Information Architectures and wireframes for a job management mobile app for their tradesmen to use while in the field visiting customers
  • documentation and wireframes for a number of different booking process options for exploration in the future.

The redesigned website went live in 2019 and delivered a 20% uplift in conversion rates.