Imagine if there was a way for growing businesses to help remove carbon from our atmosphere, without it costing them a penny. We're working on it.

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time.

Driven by an over consumption of everything.

Encouraging the world to consume less is a necessary, but slow process.

While we wait, imagine if we could harness some of the consumption and make it part of the solution.

Glad is designed to do just that.

Glad is a corporate payment card that removes carbon from the atmosphere every time you use it.

It works like any other payment card, except every time your business spends money using Glad you do your bit for the planet.

1% of everything your business spends via Glad automatically helps remove carbon from the atmosphere.

At no cost to you, or the merchants you buy from.

Win. Win. Win.

I co-founded Glad with long time collaborator Ben Wynn in an effort to have a positive impact on the the planet.