PA Consulting Group is a leading management and IT consulting and technology firm. Operating globally in more than 30 countries they transform the performance of major organisations in both the private and public sectors

I joined PA after graduating in 2005 and worked in their “Information Systems Implementation” practice where I was trained in the ways of consulting while working as a User Experience specialist.

I spent most of my time working on client projects as a member of development teams charged with designing and building new enterprise software applications.

During my time at PA I worked with a range of different clients including those in the:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Education sector
  • Financial sector
  • Mobile telecoms industry
  • Advertising industry
  • UK Public sector

I also worked on a number of PA’s venture projects (internally funded startups) as part of small, lean teams looking to create new companies around PA ideas and intellectual property. These projects proved a great learning ground for how to, and how not to, run startups and build products or services quickly with limited resources.