Procserve was a leader in enabling secure transactions online and powers one of the most trusted and secure commerce networks in the World.

ProcServe provided an online collaborative procurement system called the ProcServe Trading Network. Essentially an online business to business trading system that allowed organisations to buy and sell to and from each other like you or I would from Amazon.

Where the ProcServe system differed was that it allowed for unique pricing (via contracts) to be displayed between specific buyers and suppliers and also allowed organisations who use different procurement tools internally to connect to a common interface and exchange trading information (like orders and invoices) online. This solved the problem that many organsiations face when their own systems are not compatible with their supplier’s or customer’s systems, making it hard or impossible to trade online together.

I joined ProcServe in 2007, having worked with them for a few months as a User Experience Consultant via PA Consulting. I joined as their “Front End Architect” and was responsible for the User Experience of their products and solutions and was instrumental in establishing their development processes.

During my time at ProcServe I:

  • established and chaired the company’s Development Council, a group that included the CEO, and three heads of department. We developed the company’s product roadmap, determining which requested features were developed into the ProcServe Trading Network and when
  • developed the concept and design for a product called OTIS, a flexible online interface for the ProcServe Trading Network
  • designed and developed the ability to skin the ProcServe system, allowing individual customers to have their own branding and design when using the underlaying ProcServe technologies
  • designed the Zanzibar marketplace interface
  • designed the OPEN marketplace interface
  • designed the xchangewales marketplace interface
  • worked with numerous ProcServe customers to define requirements and designs for bespoke features to be added to the ProcServe systems.

Procserve were acquired by Basware in 2015.