The CV Nurse (Islay Dring) offers online or over the phone CV reviews and clinics to help you find your dream job

From concept to completed site in less than 15 days, designing and building the CV Nurse site was a pleasure from start to finish.

Screenshot of The CV Nurse homepage Figure 1 – The CV Nurse homepage

I was approached on Islay’s behalf to design and build a site to help her get the word out about her invaluable service. With a rough site outline, and some good first draft content already worked out by Islay, the process of designing the site was quick. Following a user centered design process I worked up a site structure, navigation design and page layout within a few days and was able to share a working online prototype very quickly.

Once the site structure and page layouts were established the surface design (colours, fonts, graphics, etc) were added and the entire site design was completed and launched within 15 days of receiving the brief.

As a new venture there was no established brand identity for The CV Nurse. We needed a simple logo for the site and associated marketing materials. The simple text logo is in keeping with the chunky, playful style of the rest of the site and is simple enough to work both online and off line on printed materials too.

The icons

To help explain the concept of The CV Nurse, and to add visual interest to the design, a series of icons were used throughout the site. Combined with text and used carefully on each page of the site they add a specific style to the site and help tie each page together. The icons used are slightly modified versions of icons available from the talented dutch icon