Zoomatelo were an award winning student startup, aiming to make the best way to create and manage car pooling groups for commuters

Screenshot of one of the Zoomatelo account management screens Figure 1 – The Zoomate Car Pool journey planner

I was approached by the Zoomatelo team in 2010 to help them with their startup. They had successfully built and trialled a prototype of their carpooling web application and had won several awards for their efforts. But they knew that for the product to really take off they would need to spend some time creating a simple, easy to use and attractive user experience.

Improved User Experience

I was hired to redesign their product’s user experience and interface. Using their existing prototype as the starting point I redesigned their Information Architecture, re-organised the product’s feature set and reworked the look and feel.

Easy to skin Interface

Their business model involved white-labeling their product for their larger corporate clients so the entire interface was designed to be easily skinned by simply adding a single additional style sheet and image set per customer.

Delivered as a working prototype complete with documentation

I delivered the team a fully working, cross browser tested, HTML and CSS mock up of their entire application along with supporting documentation that detailed how to integrate the new front end into their application, how the Information Architecture had been re-structured and how to work with the skin-able style sheets.