James McQuarrie is a UK based Senior Product Manager who helps teams design, build and deliver digital products and services that delight their users.

Privacy Policy

This website is run by James McQuarrie of JMCQUARRIE Ltd. The following few paragraphs outline what information is collected while you view this site, and how it is used.

Visitor statistics

Like millions of other websites round the World when you browse through this site the server on which it is hosted collects some information about what you’re doing. This is stored in the server logs of this site’s hosting company Dreamhost based in the USA.

This information includes things such as; browser settings, operating system (windows / OS X / etc), IP address, and screen settings. It also collates information about how you move through the site and where you came from to get here (if you followed a link from somewhere to here, or if you came straight to this site).

This same type of information is also collected and stored by Google Analytics. In both cases the information is not traceable to individuals and does not contain personal information such as email addresses or names.

Both sets of data are collected to be used for analysing the popularity of this site. This information may be made public or shared with third parties to show people how many people visit this site or to illustrate trends in visitor’s browser / computer set up, etc.

Using the contact form

Personal information submitted by email using the contact form on this site will be kept private, and will never be shared or published without the express permission of the person concerned.