Welcome to this brand new venture of mine. I’m James McQuarrie and I’m planning on using this site to share my thoughts, ideas and experiences on and of the Web.

I started building websites way back in late 2000, having read my way through the book “Learn HTML in a weekend”. It got me hooked, and I’ve been involved in designing, developing and maintaining websites in some form or another ever since.

Over the years I have built personal websites for myself and friends. I’ve worked as a freelance web consultant, building commerical websites for SME’s. I’ve maintained and developed internal company intranet websites at a global consultancy and I’ve worked as a Consultant for the same consultancy helping clients develop their web strategy, as well as designing and developing their sites and web applications.

I’m currently working as a “Front End Architect” for ProcServe an e-Procurement systems and services company based in London*. Again, I’m working with web applications and sites, designing and developing interfaces and the like.

I aim to post articles here once a week (I’m aiming for quality not quantity) in the hope that I can:

  • practise and improve my writing
  • share experiences and things I’ve learnt from “the coalface” while working in the world of user interface and web design
  • give back in some small way to the web community that inspired me to get involved in the industry and that shared so much that I now rely on daily.

As well as writing the weekly articles, I plan on sharing links to posts, stories, ideas and useful resources found elsewhere around the web as and when I find them (you’ll find these in the imaginatively entitled “Elsewhere” section of the homepage).

Thank you for visiting, I hope you come back regularly and I hope that what I write here will prove useful to you in some way, or at least be mildly entertaining.

For more information about this site and me, see this site’s about page.