In theory you can buy anything, at any time, for anyone online. In theory (at least according to the academics I studied under) online shopping should have replaced off line buying. In theory the whole business world should be trading electronically both with their customers and with each other.

In practice even the poster boys of e-commerce like Amazon haven’t changed the World. People still shop on the high street. Businesses still trade with each other over the phone or by fax (something we’re trying to address at ProcServe). The “bricks and mortar” world still spins in the same way.

So why, with all the potential that online shopping offers (to both business to consumer and business to business) is so much trade not done online?

With this question in mind I would like to invite you to take part in a short questionnaire that I have put together to find out what what people think about shopping online.

The questions are straightforward, and are all multiple choice (with the option of adding comments at the end). The whole thing should take you less than 5 minutes.

The survey expires next Tuesday (13th November) at midnight GMT. Once it’s expired I’ll collate the results and share them here.

This survey has now ended. I’ll update this post to point at the results once they are in.

They are in and you’ll find them here: The results – Your experiences of online shopping poll