A while ago I published an article entitled How supermarkets could blend the online and the offline Worlds to make customers more loyal. In the article I argued that the major supermarkets should be combining their online and offline customer experiences by offering services such as online spending reports and price comparisons based on customer’s offline shopping habits and competitor’s pricing. This, I think, would lead to more customer loyalty and higher retention rates amongst shoppers.

As it turns out, ASDA (owned by Walmart) have taken the first step to doing exactly that. Their latest TV spot (embedded below for your viewing pleasure) promotes a new website that they have set up with the price comparision folk at mySupermaket.co.uk called ASDA Price Guarantee. If you visit the site you can either enter details from your latest ASDA shopping receipt or you can log into your ASDA online shopping account and start comparing prices of the last things you bought with other leading supermarkets.

I’d be interested to know how successful the site is, and how many people will either continue to shop with ASDA as a result of saving money or convert to being ASDA shoppers based on a test trip to the store as shown in the advert.

If the idea is successful I hope that we’ll see more and more integration between our online and offline experiences of supermarkets and wider adoption throughout the industry.