Launched over the summer, I’d like to draw your attention to some recent client work of mine; The CV Nurse.

The CV Nurse (Islay Dring) has been working in the world of recruitment for 10 years and has in that time read over 40,000 CVs. She’s now using her experience and expertise to help you (or anyone you know…) land your dream job by reviewing your CV and helping you perfect it in return for a small fee.

She offers two services;

  1. A simple CV review – for £20 you can send her your current CV and she’ll review it and send you back some notes for how to improve it
  2. A consultation and review – for £50 you can have a quick telephone or skype chat with her to help her understand your experience and the job that you’d love to do and she will then look over your CV and send you notes and tips for improving it.

In a time when the job market is proving harder and harder to navigate having an expert review your CV could make all the difference between landing the perfect job or not.