In the beginning we had mainframe computers.

Then we had dumb terminal machines that could remote into those mainframes

Then we had PCs that had local storage and processor power

Then we had PCs connected to the web with a bit of both local and remote processing

Then we had the web “2.0” where we did stuff online

Then we were promised cloud computing, where we will do everything including storage online

Now in mobile we have native apps that use local processing and storage again.

Some predict the death of the web app citing native apps as the future. I say total rubbish. The future is an always on, always synced utopia where there is no longer any difference between a web app and a native local app. They are just apps. Apps that let you do whatever you want whenever you want on ANY device.

That’s where we’re going. Stop thinking about desktop vs. mobile apps vs. web sites vs. web apps. It’s just software. The lines between online or offline and device or cloud are blurring. That’s a good thing. Get used to it.