From the very start of NEXTFREE we’ve put a lot of effort into trying to make it as easy and as fast as possible for freelancers to update their availability.

We’ve focused on making it easy for one simple reason: out of date information is junk.

If a Freelancer doesn’t keep their availability up to date, it’s useless.

In order to get Freelancers to keep their availability current, we knew we’d need to make doing so as effortless as possible.

I’m happy to say, we’re starting to see the results of our efforts paying off.

Our stats show that it can take less than 30 seconds for a Freelancer to update their availability. That’s from when they load our log in screen, through to a successful update. Less. Than. 30. Seconds.

I’m happy with that. But, we’re not stopping here. We’re still working on other ways of reducing the effort needed to keep a Freelancer’s account up to date. More on that in the future…

More about NEXTFREE

NEXTFREE is changing the way Freelance Contractors and Consultants share their availability with the World. If you are a Freelance Contractor or Consultant and would like to try our service for free you can sign up for an invite to our Beta program at [Freelancer invites](

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