The mission at Eporta was to accelerate the world’s access to design by solving complexity in commerce for the (interior) design industry

I joined the team as a Senior Product Manager leading a squad of engineers and product designers working on a new offering called Tradehub. Tradehub was aimed at furniture and fittings manufacturers and was designed to help them sell their products online.

While leading the product squad I:

  • introduced the dual track Discovery & Delivery approach to product design and development
  • introduced the team to the Opportunity Solution Tree framework as a method of tracking continuous discovery efforts
  • helped create an innovation lab program which allowed our product squad to partner with a number of manufactures to co-create solutions to their most pressing business challenges. This involved multiple members of the squad meeting with manufactures on a weekly basis, sharing latest design ideas and gathering feedback about problems and challenges customers faced
  • focused the squad on addressing assumptions that were inherent in proposed solutions, adopting an experimental approach and testing multiple solutions to each problem we were trying to solve to set up compare and contrast decision making.

These process and working practise changes allowed the squad to deliver:

  • a faster and more simple quoting process that reduced the time from customer enquiry → paid order from days to hours
  • a quoting flow that allowed manufacturers to send personalised, itemised quotes generated automatically from their product catalogue to any customer on or off the Tradehub platform
  • an increase in quoting activity on the platform of 2x.

Eporta was acquired by Shopify in November 2021.